Anthem is a proudly independent branding company with a firm belief that inside every brand’s heart and soul, there lives an Anthem. We champion the challenger brands. The underdogs. The ones who can’t outspend everyone, so they must out wit them. We are a small and nimble organization, forged from years of working on great brands and with great people.

We have a lean, nimble team of experienced agency leaders and a network of A-list talent that gives our clients access to senior talent with a broad range of experiences. This allows us to put the right people on the right work and eliminate the inefficiencies of the traditional agency model. It makes us smarter, quicker and more cost effective.

It all starts with the idea.
    Business, Marketing, Brand, Consumer
    Design, Front End/Back End Development, IA, SEO
    Social Strategy, Campaign Development, Content Platforms
    TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Digital, Experiential
    Product Naming/Development, Logos, Packaging, Brand Identity
    Loyalty/Membership Programs, Ancillary Revenue Streams
    Media Relations, Crisis Management, Public Affairs

We have been fortunate to work with many smart and brave clients. We pride ourselves on long-lasting relationships built by real trust and results. We strive to be partners, not vendors.

We have extensive experience in the travel, leisure and entertainment industries. Here are some past clients with whom we have had the priviledge of working.

Relationships win
and indifference loses.

- our words

Our people come from many, many different backgrounds. We don’t just have the “same old agency folks” from the traditional model. Instead, we use the breadth of resources that best fit the needs of our clients and deliver the best work. Quality, not quantity.

Chris Milhous
Partner, Strategy Lead
Dave Galligos
Partner, Creative Lead

“We have worked at some of the best agencies in the world. We did big campaigns. With big brands. With big budgets. Worked with really smart people. Now we want to take the good stuff, eliminate the bad stuff, and build our own kind of agency.”