Be One With The Wild

The Boy Scouts had faced declining recruitment numbers for years. They needed a new reason to believe. They needed to deliver a bold, new message to compete with sports, gaming, clubs, etc. that boys are now faced with. Bottom line, The Boy Scouts need to be cool again. We gave the young kids a rallying cry to latch on to – “Be One With The Wild” and screamed it everywhere we could. Then, with only a poster to hang in elementary schools as the one recruitment tactic, we grabbed not only the attention of the young boys but the attention of the whole nation.



case study video

Watch and see how a simple poster can make such a huge impact for the Boy Scouts brand.





These posters were placed in elementary schools as their single recruitment tactic. And placed next to a sea of other available activities such as sports sign-ups, clubs, art events, and gaming camps. We knew it had to be provocative and get the young boys to rethink and reconsider Scouting.



Talk around the schools started quickly. Soon, they were the talk of the neighborhood, and before you know it, the media caught on. It went from local talk to global coverage in just a few days. The Scouts were relevant again and recruitment went through the roof.