Fountain of You /website/digital/social

The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine has revolutionized the way we drink soda. It’s not just a drink, it’s an event. We were tasked with launching the machine in a way that would make the Freestyle bigger than life and allow the consumer to discover, explore, and participate with the brand at the machine and far beyond. We launched with a “Fountain of YOU” anthem, one that could be carried across platforms, across channels, on-or-off premise.

website was the hub of all things Freestyle. It was designed to let people discover and experience the world around the Freestyle machine, including new drink choices, social content, games, locations, apps and promotions.





freestyle app

An App that allowed you to take the fountain experience with you anywhere. Along with several features, we introduced creating flavor mixes on the phone, naming the mix and sharing it, and using bump technology to actually take the mix to the machine and have it poured.




app demo

This demo shows all of the features and highlights of the Freestyle app.



city takeovers

OOH takeovers in major cities, in heavily influencer areas like train stations and subways.